The Royal Improvisers Orchestra (RIO) is an international free improvisation orchestra based in Amsterdam. It is one of the foremost representatives of the new generation of improvisers in the Netherlands.

Over the past years RIO has collaborated with the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO), Instant Composers Pool (ICP), Steve Beresford, Han Bennink, Phil Minton, Michael Moore, Wilbert de Joode, Ab Baars, Luc Ex and Frank Gratkowski, in such venues as BIMHUIS, Paard van Troje, LOOS and OT 301.

RIO's musicians have different types of expertise and a diversity of cultures and come from various genres including baroque music, punk rock, jazz and electronics. But they all share one thing: a passion for improvisation.

All are equal.

The musicians work freely yet closely, communicating constantly with each other and with the audience.


"Everything is possible when a RIO concert begins" 







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The Royal Improvisers Orchestra musicians:



Yedo Gibson - baritone sax 

John Dikeman - sax 

Felicity Provan -trumpet  

Marie Guilleray-voice 

James Hewitt - baroque violin 

Renato Ferreira - double bass 

Alfredo Genovesi - guitar 

Mikael Szafirowski - guitar

Oscar Jan hoogland - piano

Nora Mulder - cimbalom

Marcos Baggiani - drums

Onno Govaert - drums 



RIO is supported by the Stichting Royal Improvisers Orchestra 

The Royal Improvisers Orchestra was founded in 2006 by artistic director Yedo Gibson and later in 2010 Stichting RIO. The foundation's goal is to bring new musicians and ideas to the Dutch free improvisation scene by helping them on the organization side of it thru the Royal Improvisers Orchestra and the smaller groups formed around it.
Currently, Stichting RIO is organizing several concerts in Amsterdam inclusive a monthly concert of The Royal Improvisers Orchestra at Zaal100.



Anne La Berge

Ken Vos

Martinus van der Loop